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Evaluation The Migration Partnership Facility (MPF) aims to support the implementation of the external dimension of the EU migration policy. Launched in January 2016 under its original name of the Mobility Partnership Facility, MPF has now entered its third and fourth phases, which are currently operating in close parallel. Services to be provided include evaluation of each individual project supported by MPF, as well as ICMPD’s management of the overall Facility Migration Global ICMPD 2023-2027
Evaluation The Olof Palmes Internationella Center (hereinafter, the Palme Center) is approaching the end of its five-year programme period for the Civil Society Organisation’s Programme (CSO Programme) and time has come to evaluate the outcomes, assess the interventions' contribution towards the objectives and bring lessons learnt into the planning of the new programme. The programme is built on the Palme Center’s International Strategy (2020-2025). Social Affairs and Inclusion Southeast Asia; Middle East & North Africa; Southern Africa Olof Palme Center 2023-2024
Evaluation The Social Dialogue – Decent Work programme (SDDW) is implemented in 12 Beneficiary States of the Norway Grants. The objective of the programme is strengthened tripartite cooperation between employer organisations, trade unions and public authorities, and the promotion of decent work. Employment European Union; Southern Europe; Eastern Europe FMO 2023-2024
Evaluation This project aims to enhance the capacity of law enforcement agencies and judiciary actors to investigate and prosecute human trafficking cases, improve interagency and international cooperation on human trafficking and produce immediate operational results targeting criminals and safeguarding victims. Part of the INTERPOL crime programme to protect vulnerable communities, countering trafficking in human beings is one of INTERPOL’s priorities. The activities aim to provide the law enforcement, prosecutors and judges of the beneficiary countries with better knowledge and skillsets in tackling trafficking in human beings. Security and Defence West Africa INTERPOL 2023-2024
Evaluation Through capacity building, awareness raising, policy advice, exchange of good practices, facilitation of dialogue and the development of guidance and tools undertaken through the project ODIHR equips OSCE pSs security sector actors, particularly law enforcement and penitentiary staff as well as oversight bodies such as National Preventive Mechanisms (NPMs), National Human Rights Institutions (NHRIs) and civil society monitors with the knowledge, skills and awareness for the effective protection of persons deprived of liberty. This comprehensive project supports strategies and measures to prevent torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment (other ill-treatment), sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) and human rights violations in countering violent extremism and radicalization that leads to terrorism (VERLT) in places of deprivation of liberty. Social Affairs and Inclusion OSCE region ODIHR 2023-2024
Research Regarding the objectives, this research study aims to provide a granular assessment regarding the existing EU contingent liabilities, the risks associated with them, and the best ways to manage them. The galaxy of EU financing instruments has increased significantly throughout recent years (Begg et al., 2022). This expansion necessarily leads to higher financial commitments on behalf of the EU, and these result in increased EU contingent liabilities. These are liabilities which can potentially arise in the future, but whose outcome is yet very uncertain and therefore difficult to evaluate. Economic and Financial Affairs European Union European Parliament 2023-2024
Research This study provides a more exhaustive and granular analysis on the impacts of inflation on EU finances. As inflation does not affect uniformly the economy, certain sectors, categories of expenditure and some Member States and regions are and will be more affected than others. This is notably the case whenever there is a larger than average concentration of projects requiring the purchase of energy intensive goods and services, gross capital formation in infrastructure or the provision of direct income support to farmers in the context of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). Economic and Financial Affairs European Union European Parliament 2023-2024
Evaluation Project Flyway III is an initiative carried out by the Human Trafficking and Smuggling of Migrants (HTSM) Unit of INTERPOL aiming at building capabilities to protect vulnerable communities in North Africa and the Sahel region (Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, Sudan, Mali, Mauritania, Niger) by contributing to enhancing law enforcement agencies’ capacities on issues of trafficking and smuggling of migrants. Security and Defence Middle East & North Africa; the Sahel INTERPOL 2023-2024
Evaluation The project responds to the core development challenges linked to the impact of corruption and impunity on access to education and healthcare services by addressing gender-related barriers and contributing to increased access to public services. ISDA is being implemented in five countries in Africa, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana, Madagascar, Rwanda, and Zimbabwe and seeks to improve access to education and healthcare service delivery, particularly for women, girls, and other groups at risk of discrimination. Social Affairs and Inclusion Sub-Saharan Africa Transparency International 2023-2024
Evaluation The monitoring has focused on measuring EIGE’s impact in EU-wide policy-making organisations and on how the organisations are using EIGE’s outputs during the period 2020-2023 Social Affairs and Inclusion European Union EIGE 2023-2024
Evaluation The FMO Baltic research programme encompasses Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. The evaluation focuses predominantly on effectiveness and coherence questions. Research and Innovation European Union FMO 2023-2024
Evaluation The project “Global Drive for Media Freedom, Access to Information and the Safety of Journalists” is aimed at (i) fostering an independent and free media and public recognition of the value of access to information; and (ii) strengthening the protection and accountability for violations against journalists. Human Rights Global OHCHR 2023
Evaluation The project is focused on generating conclusive experience and change in the quality of life of people with disabilities by demonstrating the interaction and interdependence between advocacy for people with disabilities’ rights and practical efforts in supporting them obtain access to quality, inclusive services. To achieve this, in consultation with its national and regional Organisation of Person with Disabilities (OPD) partners, the project focuses on five different sub-Saharan African countries, namely Benin, Madagascar, Mozambique, Ethiopia and Rwanda, each with its own challenges and particularities, to define access to service interventions in health, education, and livelihoods – with the balance between each sector the reflection of the specific priorities identified in each country. Social Affairs and Inclusion Sub-Saharan Africa Humanity & Inclusion 2023
Research The main objective of this contract is to analyse and provide an overview of RRF funding allocations and planned activity on skills and human capital for smart specialisation and industrial transition in the 2021-2027 programming period at EU level. European Union Joint Research Centre of the European Commission 2023
Research This research aims to understand the link between employment, digital skills, accessible and assistive technologies to propose solutions. These solutions must be advocated to policy makers and shared with relevant stakeholders, especially employers, the disability movement across Europe and technological companies developing assistive and accessibility solutions. For that goal, this research on the low employment rates of persons with disabilities will focus on the potential of digital skills training and use of accessible and assistive technologies to create positive change. Social Affairs and Inclusion European Union European Disability Forum 2023
Evaluation Evaluation of the project 'Strengthening the fight against transnational organized crime in South-Eastern Europe through improved regional co-operation in asset seizure, confiscation, management and re-use' in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia Human Rights Western Balkans OSCE 2023
Evaluation EUDiF aims to strengthen collaboration and engagement between diaspora organisations in Europe, countries of origin, EU Member States and the EU fostering an informed, inclusive and impactful diaspora-development ecosystem globally. Migration European Union ICMPD 2023
Evaluation The Land and Corruption in Africa Phase II (2021-2025) project builds on the solid foundation of knowledge, networks and learnings acquired from the implementation of the previous Land and Corruption in Africa project (2015-2019). Under LCA II, TI-S and its chapters in Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe aim to ensure that corrupt practices in land administration and land deals are addressed contributing to improved livelihoods of men and women. Social Affairs and Inclusion Sub-Saharan Africa Transparency International 2023
Evaluation Project THB Balkans strengthens the investigative capacity of law enforcement agencies in Balkan countries to counter human trafficking. This is achieved by providing targeted training, investigative and operational support, and criminal analysis expertise. Security and Defence Western Balkans; European Union; Eastern Europe INTERPOL 2023
Evaluation The overall objective of the project is to 'implement sustainable, rights-based, border management practices in Iraq and Pakistan towards increasing border management and security and reducing irregular migration.' Migration Middle East & North Africa; Central Asia ICMPD 2022-2024