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Blomeyer & Sanz assists European, international and civil society organisations worldwide by providing research and evaluation services.




We consider that evaluation can play a useful role in terms of guiding managers and other decision makers when it comes to reviewing past performance or preparing new initiatives. In addressing the established evaluation criteria of relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, impact and sustainability, an evaluation is an increasingly in-demand rational tool in the project and policy cycle.


We conduct research for public clients, including European Union institutions, on policies and programmes that impact the European Institutions, Civil Society Organisations, and other international organisations. Covering a wide range of policy areas, our studies are mostly qualitative, utilise mixed-methods, and are conducted alongside academic research partners. For detailed information on recent research assignments conducted, please visit our ‘Projects’ section.

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Blomeyer & Sanz operates with a central team based in Spain and Slovakia and associates from all over Europe.

Roland Blomeyer

Director and Senior Researcher / Evaluator at Blomeyer & Sanz

Margarita Sanz

Senior Researcher at Blomeyer & Sanz

Nicolò Franceschelli

Researcher / Evaluator at Blomeyer & Sanz


Veronika Kubekovà

Researcher at Blomeyer & Sanz

Kylie Jabjiniak

Junior Research & Evaluator at Blomeyer & Sanz

Ellen Hietsch

Junior Researcher & Evaluator at Blomeyer & Sanz

Student placement schemes

We believe in providing opportunities for the next generation of researchers and evaluators. Our internship programme allows talented students with an interest in international affairs to develop skills that will serve them in careers in research, academia, and international organisations. Past interns now work at prestigious organisations, such as the French Senate, Banco de España, Oxford Economics, and other international consultancy firms and Civil Society Organisations in Austria, France, United Kingdom or Spain.

As part of our team, our interns take an active role in our work. They participate in our research and evaluation assignments by supporting data collection and analysis and collaborating with our partners and clients.

Marina Timbalari

Marina Timbalari is pursuing dual bachelor’s degrees in European Law at Maastricht University and Spanish Law at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. She has a background in Moldovan policy and legislation, alongside experience in investigative journalism. Fluent in Russian, Romanian, Spanish, and Moldovan dialects, Marina hails from Moldova and has lived in Spain for a year. 

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