Policy Areas

We cover a wide range of policy areas, including:

Legal and Constitutional Affairs

Work in this area comprises the delivery of regulatory impact assessments in all forms and across all European Union policy areas. Before a new initiative or regulation is introduced at the European Union level, we analyse its potential impact through an impact assessment and review of its advantages and disadvantages to ensure alignment with intended goals.

Budgetary Affairs

Within European Institutions, Civil Society Organisations, and other international organisations, we have a strong track record on budgetary and economic work. Since 2006, we have assisted the European Parliament’s Committee on Budgetary Control through research and evaluation services on financial control issues related to different policy areas and the functioning of different European Union institutions. Our research on economic issues affecting the European Union, such as inflation and the Covid-19 pandemic response, complements this budgetary work.

Regional Development, Transport and Tourism

Regional development is a key component of our work and includes efforts in related key policy sectors across many regions in the European Union. Through our research and evaluation services, we have been able to support both social and industrial development projects, connecting to sectors such as transport and tourism. Our team has in-depth expertise on European Union Cohesion policy, as well as experience partnering with other organisations specialising in development policy within the European Union, such as the Financial Mechanism Office.

Employment, Social Affairs and Gender

Our work in this area includes both studies of European Institutions policy and evaluations of initiatives by Civil Society Organisations  and international organisations. In this area, our research and evaluations are cross-cutting, encompassing projects that show the effects of social and employment policies on each other. Through research and evaluation services, we have supported projects that seek to improve working conditions and promote gender equality in the European Union and globally. We have also demonstrated the impact of our partners’ work on policy decisions.

Health and Ageing

We have supported projects by European Institutions, Civil Society Organisations, and international organisations that focus on improved health and ageing outcomes on a global scale. Our focus is on both European Union priorities and global outcomes, the latter of which we support through evaluations and research for Civil Society Organisations such as Humanity & Inclusion. These Civil Society Organisations have allowed us to expand our reach in this policy area beyond Europe and into more global regions, including Sub-Saharan Africa.

Agriculture and Fisheries

Within the policy area of agriculture, our research and evaluation work has helped European Union institutions prepare for the future in this crucial sector through focusing on topics such as climate change mainstreaming in agriculture. Our work has also encompassed an international dimension by providing an understanding of global trends and changes in agriculture and fisheries.

Justice and Home Affairs

Our work in this category has a global focus, as we partner with international organisations and Civil Society Organisations to offer our research and evaluation services to promote strong criminal justice and anti-corruption in Europe and worldwide. The impact of our work is evident throughout the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe region, where we have supported projects that tackle transnational organised crime and strengthen criminal justice mechanisms. We also contribute to the strengthening of institutions fighting corruption in the European Union.


We have a strong track record in supporting partners in developing rights-based migration policy. One of our trusted clients in this area is the International Centre for Migration Policy Development, with whom we have partnered to evaluate rights-based migration programmes globally.

Transparency and Accountability

Our work within the critical policy area of transparency and accountability has been impactful both within the European Institutions and at the global level. Our research work has informed transparency-focused policy set forth by the European Parliament, while our work carrying out evaluations for renowned international Civil Society Organisations partners such as Transparency International has supported the mainstreaming of transparency worldwide.