About Us

Vision & Mission

Our purpose is to provide high-quality and valuable research and evaluation services to support our partners in achieving a positive impact through their work. Human-rights inspired values are at the core of what we do, whether we are working with civil society, regional, or international organisations. We believe that all of our partners have a key role in promoting these values through their respective missions. Therefore, through our high standards of academic rigour applied to the research and evaluation of policies, programmes and projects, we are able to ensure that our clients can carry out work promoting human rights, the rule of law, and democracy in beneficiary communities within Europe and in other regions around the world. As trusted advisors with a strong commitment to independence and integrity, we increase our partners’ accountability and understanding in the implementation of their work.


Blomeyer & Sanz operates with a central team based in Spain and Slovakia and associates from all over Europe and beyond.

Roland Blomeyer

Director and Senior Researcher / Evaluator at Blomeyer & Sanz. He has an educational background in law, political and administration sciences and economics (LLM, Paris; M.A. Durham; Diploma, Speyer; PhD Candidate, Bristol).

Margarita Sanz

Senior Researcher / Evaluator at Blomeyer & Sanz. She has an educational background in law and translation (LLM, Alcalá; M.A. Madrid). 

Nicolò Franceschelli

Researcher / Evaluator at Blomeyer & Sanz. He has an educational background in political sciences and a master on evaluation of public programmes and policies (LLM, Bologna; M.A. Madrid).


Veronika Kubeková

Researcher at Blomeyer & Sanz. Veronika has an educational background in international economic relations (B.A., Bratislava) and international security (M.A., SciencesPo Paris). 

Kylie Jabjiniak

Junior Researcher & Evaluator at Blomeyer & Sanz. She has an educational background in Political Science (B.A. SLU-Madrid).

Ellen Hietsch

Junior Researcher & Evaluator at Blomeyer & Sanz. She has an educational background in Political Science (M.A. SLU-Madrid).

Student placement schemes

We believe in providing opportunities for the next generation of researchers and evaluators. Our internship programme allows talented students with an interest in international affairs to develop skills that will serve them in careers in research, academia, and international organisations. Past interns now work at prestigious organisations, such as the French Senate, Banco de España, Oxford Economics, and other international consultancy firms and Civil Society Organisations in Austria, France, United Kingdom or Spain.

As part of our team, our interns take an active role in our work. They participate in our research and evaluation assignments by supporting data collection and analysis and collaborating with our partners and clients.

Sarah Walker

Sarah Walker is an M.A. Political Science and Public Policy student at Saint Louis University Madrid with a focus on international relations and crisis. She has previous academic and professional experience in fisheries economics, education, European Union politics, and oceanography, and is fluent in Spanish. Originally from Seattle, WA, she has lived in Spain for three years. swalker@blomeyer.eu

We have partnered with the following universities to provide internship placements:


Our assignments are delivered in cooperation with partners from academia, the not for profit and the private sector.

Corporate social responsibility

We are committed to ethical business standards. Every year, we allocate resources to support non-governmental institutions, e.g. with the establishment of monitoring and evaluation systems or evaluation studies. We also provide opportunities for students with an interest in European affairs via our student placement schemes.

In Spain: We helped the NGO Fundación Madre evaluate its tutorships for people with disabilities in Guadalajara. We also supported the international NGO SOS Children’s Villages.

In Belgium: Blomeyer & Sanz provided a pro-bono evaluation service of AFE-INNOVNET, a project coordinated by AGE Platform and co-funded by EC DG CONNECT. AGE Platform Europe is a European network of around 165 organisations of and for people aged 50+ representing directly over 30 million older people in Europe. Its work focuses on a wide range of policy areas that impact on older and retired people (www.age-platform.eu). AFE-INNOVNET aims to set up a large European Union wide community of local and regional authorities and other relevant stakeholders across the European Union who want to work together to find smart and innovative evidence based solutions to support active and healthy ageing and develop age-friendly environments across the European Union (http://www.afeinnovnet.eu)

And beyond: In partnership with the Centurion University of Technology and Management (Odisha, India), we provided advice on EC grants.