Final evaluation of the Palme Center’s CSO Programme 2020-2024

In January 2024, the Olof Palme International Center contracted Blomeyer & Sanz to conduct an evaluation of its 2020-2024 CSO Programme and its management approaches. The Palme Center is the Swedish labour movement’s umbrella organisation working in the field of international development. The 2020-2024 CSO Programme has five main priority outcome areas, including countering the threats to democracy and human rights, advancing equality and workers’ rights, promoting sustainability through a just transition, promoting peace and dialogue and increasing gender equality. The evaluation will assess the changes and outcomes occurred within different actor groups under each outcome area and the Programme’s contribution to these outcomes, using outcome harvesting as the overarching method. Additionally, it will examine the application of adaptive management and results-based management approaches and their impact on reaching the desired changes. The evaluation team comprises core team members, a thematic expert specialising in behavioural change aspects and local experts focusing on country-specific fieldwork. This diversity brings together a wealth of knowledge and experience to ensure comprehensive data collection and analysis.