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Blomeyer & Sanz celebrates 10 years of their Internship Programme

We believe in providing opportunities for the next generation of researchers and evaluators. Our internship programme launched in 2014 has already supported over 25 students from eight different EU Member States, India and United States. The programme allows talented students with an interest in international affairs to develop skills that will serve them in careers in research, academia, and international organisations.

To better understand the impact of our internship programme, we recently conducted a survey of past Blomeyer & Sanz interns. Respondents completed their internship while carrying out undergraduate and M.A. studies at prestigious European universities, including University of Alcalá, University of Exeter, Maastricht University, Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, Saint Louis University – Madrid, and Sciences Po Paris.

All respondents noted their satisfaction with their internship at Blomeyer & Sanz. Some respondents connected their satisfaction to professional outcomes, such as how the internship prepared them for professional life after graduation and how the Blomeyer & Sanz team encouraged further skills development within the field. Others highlighted how they enjoyed working alongside the Blomeyer & Sanz team, noting how their experience was positive due to the team’s welcoming attitude with interns.

Immediately after completing their internships, some former Blomeyer & Sanz interns started international M.A. degrees and PhDs in topics including international studies, economics, and law. Others began careers pertaining to international affairs, with some continuing their employment with Blomeyer & Sanz upon completing their internship. Overall, over 90% of respondents stated that their internship with Blomeyer & Sanz helped them in some degree to find a job and advance their career. Reasons cited for this include the internship giving them increased understanding of international affairs, allowing them to develop an interest in monitoring and evaluation as a career, and creating networking opportunities in international spheres through interns’ work with Blomeyer & Sanz. Currently, former Blomeyer & Sanz interns are working in organisations doing work in international affairs throughout Europe, including Banco de España, the French Senate, IMPACT initiatives, and Oxford Economics.