Blomeyer & Sanz has been selected for the European Asylum Support Office to prepare reports on migration to Europe

Blomeyer & Sanz is pleased to have been selected to implement a framework contract of one year for the European Asylum Support Office (EASO). The framework contract consist in producing Country Intelligence Reports providing information on migration to Europe from the perspective of the countries of origin, transit and embarkation. They will provide data on migration trends, push, pull and enabling factors. The framework contract covers the following countries: Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Iran, Albania, Nigeria, Eritrea, the Russian Federation, Kosovo, Bangladesh, Turkey, Yemen, Egypt, Ukraine, Gambia, Somalia, Serbia, Algeria, Morocco, South Sudan, Sudan, Venezuela, Georgia, Ivory Coast, Libya, Tunisia, Niger.

For this assignment, Blomeyer & Sanz partner with Project One, a subsidiary of the Center for the Study of Democracy.