We conduct qualitative and quantitative research covering a wide range of policy areas, and with a specific focus on the performance of policy at the European Union level. Research assignments are developed in cooperation with a series of academic partners across Europe.


We consider that evaluation can play a useful role in terms of guiding managers and other decision makers when it comes to reviewing past performance or preparing new initiatives. Addressing the established evaluation criteria of relevance, efficiency, effectiveness...

Regulatory Impact Assessment

Our regulatory impact assessment work is generally of a prospective nature, i.e. looking at the possible future impact of new regulation. Aiming to support and not to replace the decision-making process helping the law maker ensure that new legislation is prepared on the basis of ‘transparent, comprehensive, and balanced evidence’. A specific focus is on ‘European Added Value Assessments’ and ‘Cost of Non-Europe Reports’, i.e. research on the raison d’être of regulatory action at the level of the European Union.

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